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I have been crazy about music all my life; my mother remembers me playing with her guitar when I was only very young.

However my own first real memory of performing was when I was about nine and I was asked to join a local talent competition, I enjoyed every second of being on stage and it made it even better when I won.
The following Christmas Santa brought me a keyboard. I had a few happy weeks of flamboyant keyboard playing before the novelty wore off and I found myself strumming at Mum’s guitar again. That’s when I started guitar lessons and it wasn’t long before I was playing at music sessions in my grandfather’s house.

When I was twelve I started playing in a two piece Band with my mother a few nights a week. It was brilliant; when my friends were working hard at weekends or summer jobs I was doing what I loved and getting paid for it!

In my late teens the opportunity arose for me to join a 5-piece band and I jumped at it. I was a “jack of all trades” as I played keyboard, accordion and I also sang backing vocals.

After a few years of happy entertaining, two close friends and myself launched a wedding band, which to this day is still one of the most sought after wedding bands in the region. I began to feel more and more at home on stage.

Although I played all kinds of music, country music has always had a special place in my heart. So I was very excited when my neighbour, Andy Cox, told me he had written a few country songs and would be interested in working on them with me. The very first song that came to be was “So In Love”.
It became a major hit straight away and got lots of airplay.

What followed was a very successful country album on which I got to work with some fantastic musicians. It was a great experience being in the studio with Jonathan Owens of Spout studios, and one of the highlights was recording a duet with the American singer Georgette Jones.

I am now touring with my own Six piece band and the response has been Amazing.
We’ve had some great nights of music and dancing.

Check out the dates and come along.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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